Our nursery is a TOPS registered Cycad Nursery and is able to issue transport permits in terms of the provisions of the National Environmental Biodiversity Act 2004, Act 10 of 2004.

All Clients must note that the transport permit issued is only for the transport of the plants from our premises to the client’s premises and temporary possession on these premises within Gauteng.

Once the plants are on the clients premises it is the clients responsibility to apply for the necessary permanent possession permits. 

All plants transported across provincial borders may only be transported with a valid export permit, which we will gladly assist with. It is the responsibility of clients in other provinces to familiarize them self with regards to the regulations regarding possession permits in their specific provinces.

The Application Form for Gauteng Possession Permits can be downloaded here.


The Gauteng Department of Nature Conservation can be reached at the following telephone no’s. Please feel free to contact Violet or Victoria for the banking details and current permit application costs.

Pretoria: Speak to Violet @ (012) 316 1600

Johannesburg: Speak to Victoria @ (011) 240 3043